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The Philippines (Republic of the Philippines)

philippines mapThe Republic of the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean and is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world. The Philippines with more than 7000 island is famous for the variety of excellent dive sites for all  Scubadivers, from beginners to advanced divers up to technical divers. Many resorts here in the Philippines have their own dive center or almost a divecenter nearby, they will pick you up in your hotel / resort to go diving with you.

The tropical maritime climate in the philippines is typically divided into three seasons: "the hot dry season or summer from March to May; tag-ulan, the rainy season from June to November; and tag-lamig, the cool dry season from December to February" (from, but actually this does not apply equally to all areas, many islands / areas of the Philippines have a deviant 'own' climate. Some examples: Here in Butuan City, Mindanao, there is absolutly no rainy season from June to November...
I have been diving in Moalboal (and around the visayas) also in the begin of october, with almost no rain during the whole october (2010), on the other side: Last year (2011) there was a lot of rain in january and begin of february during my vacation in the visayas (but even very nice weather in between), where I have been diving in Cebu, Bohol, Negros and Camiguin... so, actually there is no "best season" for diving "in the Philippines" - it depends on the area where you want to go diving - just ask the divecenter where you want to stay for your dives, they now best and will honestly tell you, when is the best time for going scuba diving with them.
If they tell you it is good during the whole year - just believe them - there are many places here in the Philippines what don't have a typical rainy season with heavy rain during the whole day, maybe it will rain for up to one hour, but with very nice weather in between...

Dive Safari Scubadiving Philippines

Making a dive-safari here in the Philippines is also very different from that, what you maybe know from diving safaries in other countries like Egypt or Thailand. A dive-safari here means, that you stay the whole day on the boat for diving, relaxing and your meals, but in the evening you go (back) and stay in a resort near the beach. Typically you stay in one beach resort for 1-3 days, then go with the boat to the next island  (make also some dives from the boat during your trip), stay in the next resort on another island and so on... they should better call it "island hopping", what some of the divecenters already do.

The Philippines is divided into three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon and Mindanao are named after their main islands, while the Visayan Islands are an archipelago.

Important note: Normally all the prices of the hotels / resorts in the philippines are shown for 1 room / 1 bungalow per night (even if they are for 2 or more person) - some resorts / hotels now begin to show the prices per person - think on this, if you compare the prices, so you don't have to pay the double price, or even more...

On the Homepage of The Department of Tourism Manila, Philippines there is a nice interactive Map of the Philippines: InteractivePhilippineMap, where you can see all the different regions of the Philippines and you find also some useful information about tourism in the Philippines (you can also apply for The Special Investor's Resident Visa there). - Buy and sell for free!

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